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Guidelines for Digital Cinema Source Material Delivery

Here you can see a guideline to send to us your material as well as possible, to speed the encoding process. Please note that this is VERY IMPORTANT.

  1. Image Sequence in 24FPS. Frame numbers must be correctly padded with “0” (zero) so that there is a digit for each figure that makes up the number of frames in the image sequence. For example, if there are 100,000 frames in an image sequence, frame 1 should read as “video000001”.
  2. Resolution and aspect ratio. The digital cinema have three main aspect ratios for 2K and 4K, that are: 2K full (2048×1080), 2K flat (1998×1080) and 2K Scope (2048×858). In 4K just double the resolution. If your image aspect ratio and resolution don´t match these, we scale the material to “2K full” for default, creating blacks bars at top/bottom or left/right, but for your best conversion, we need the images in any of these resolutions.
  3. WAV Audio in 5.1 or Stereo file, at 48Khz, 24bits and -3 dbs. The lenght of this wav must MATCH the lenght of the video track. In 5.1 tracks, we need six mono files with this norm:
    • [Name]_01_L.wav
    • [Name]_02_R.wav
    • [Name]_03_C.wav
    • [Name]_04_LFE.wav
    • [Name]_05_Ls.wav
    • [Name]_06_Rs.wav

We always make a video of these files to ensure that the video and audio tracks are syncronized.

  1. Send to us the material. We accept virtually any file system and hard disk/media, but we prefer NTFS as file system, and SATA Hard Disk (3.5 or 2.5). For advertising, we can use Google Drive to receive/send the DCPs. 
  2. Subtitles (optional). You must provide a .SRT subtitle file that we transform in the subtitle format for DCP (Interop). The SRT must be syncronized at 24FPS

Keeping these simple rules, we ensure that the material is in optimal performance and READY to be processed to DCP, specially when you have hurry.

Of course, we treat your material with complete confidentiality. If you need a NDA, we can sign it for sure. We take this SERIOUSLY.

Note about compression: The DCP uses JPEG2000 compression with a data rate of 150mbits/sec, wich is visually lossless. This is the DCI guidelines and we ensure that our Digital Cinema Packages  and Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE). An abnormality must be detectable to human eyes / ears. Artefacts caused by JPEG2000 or MPEG compression are not abnormal.

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